Remain in My love

This verse has two sides: Jesus is here telling about the Father's love for His Son, and then Jesus' love for His disciples. He emphasizes on the similarity of the love He receives from His Father with the kind of love He has for His own disciples at that time and in the present time … Continue reading Remain in My love


Judgment on the Church

Many of us feel very smug with the idea that once we have accepted Christ as our Savior, we are guaranteed to have our names recorded and preserved in the book of Life for ever. And that is to say or believe that our written names are indelible. But Jesus doesn’t seem to say so … Continue reading Judgment on the Church

Motherhood, a divine assignment

All throughout the history of God's activities from the beginning of creation, birth of certain individuals marked a divine cycle and involvement with the human race throughout all generations. From Abel, to Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, right on to Jesus the Christ, we find that God uses procreation to execute His plans and purposes on … Continue reading Motherhood, a divine assignment

Endurance and self-control

The way in which Peter links one virtue with the other is very interesting. He speaks about egkrateian (Greek), self-control, self-governance accompanied by, emerging from gnosis, the "right" knowledge, not merely a byproduct of fear, or coercion, or out of submission to exerted authority. It is not about restraint, rather it is about self-discipline. In … Continue reading Endurance and self-control