Power channel “in active Faith”

Text: Mark 5:25- 32

“Jesus realized at once that healing power had gone out from Him, so He turned around in the crowd and asked, ” who touched my robe?” Mark 5: 30 (NLT).

Jesus always laid a strong emphasis on the power of demonstration faith in His earthly ministry. He was much more interested in “active” faith, rather than in just a mere profession of faith. He linked access especially to healing, with faith. It runs in the Gospels. His usual response of , “your faith has made you whole” permeates the gospels. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus told the blind men, “because of your faith, it will happen.” ” . . .Go, for your faith has healed you ” (Mk 10:52), “Your faith has saved you” (Luke 7:50).

Fact is, Jesus marveled whenever He encountered a lack of faith, and wondered why people failed to actively demonstrate faith and questioned them about it (Lk 12:28). Jesus was not talking about the size, or the measure when He talks about little faith. He made that clear in Matt 17:20; even if faith is as small as a mustard seed, but would be demonstrated by reaching out, static mountains would be eager to obey its orders and become mobile, even speedily relocate. But that movement would happen only in response to an active demonstration of faith: even faith as small as a mustard seed.

In today’s text, Jesus had power forcibly extracted from within His own reserves without His permission or prior consent being sought. Jesus was not interested in the power He lost that day, as much as in who took that power. It was a feeble woman! Who would have thought?

This woman could have possessed a great faith in Jesus, and have confidence in His ability to heal her, go about her life rejoicing and confessing that all her life, and still live with an issue of blood. Even die out of bleeding still “faithing” in Jesus. Her faith made a difference in her situation the day she dared to act on it; the day she dared to mix with the crowd, pull herself along, pursue Jesus with her whole heart, soul and being, until she could “touch the hem of His garment“. She had to get close enough to Jesus in order to do that. Faith in Jesus drew her to Him in the first place, but that wasn’t enough, until she reached out by touching Him. Faith should move us closer to the Lord at all times. Faith causes us to draw near to God. Heb 11.

Move a little bit more further with your faith in Christ. Make it active by acting on it. Passive faith isn’t faith at all. Faith that draws you to move in the direction of God’s word is commendable.

6 thoughts on “Power channel “in active Faith”

  1. Very good work done . I suggest the field for sharing should include WhatsApp for some of us who use it a lot. Also waiting for finishing touches with more other useful links. Thanks n God bless you.


  2. Jesus said to “ask for what we need”. Paul says, ” but my God shall supply your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ”. That woman broke all the protocols by forcibly extracting the healing she needed from Christ’s own reserves without asking or waiting to receive a supply! What faith!


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