Redefining Worship

” Therefore, l urge you in view of God’s mercies, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship “

Romans 12: 1 (NIV)

GROWING UP, l was made to believe that worship of God is done through singing and speeches – words of adoration, exaltation and appellations. Fact is, almost every session of worship l had experienced followed that format. Worship is supposed to follow a certain template, with the acronym ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. Every single worship leader is expected to go by that template.

In John’s gospel, worship was to be done in a specific way, (Jn4:24). In spirit and in truth. I understand that to mean “worship with one’s spirit and in truth”. Nothing to do with our physical bodies except for postures of humility and obeisance. This is worship done with one’s whole heart. From deep within. In all sincerity. And to really mean what we say to God – mean it when we say we adore Him.

Paul the apostle now calls for the believer to worship God by “offering their bodies” as living sacrifices to Him. He also considers it a ” spiritual act” of worship. Our bodies are to become the tools or avenues employed for worship. Offering our bodies to God is the highest form of spiritual worship. This is talking about surrendering our bodies to the LORD most high!

And this should be done in response to His mercies towards us. If we believe that the Lord has been merciful to us, then surrendering our bodies to Him is the highest way of showing appreciation to Him. That’s what worship is about. Our bodies. All that we are; all that we do. We must die to self.

True worship, Paul’s way, is defined by “Spiritual actions”. Not merely lip service. Worship then becomes something that we do, rather much more than what we say. Worship should no longer be confined to the prayer of adoration and exultation of God; it should be done by every act, word, thought. True worship should be a way of life – our lifestyle. And that demands that we are constantly living in His presence.

Being careful to walk within the confines of His word is worship. Obeying God in every thing is worship. Yielding to the Holy Spirit’s control is worship. Walking humbly with God is worship. Spending time with God is worship. And using our gifts to glorify Him is worship.

Don’t just say with your lips that God is exalted and highly lifted up ; that He is great, mighty, holy and gracious. Show Him by how you live and by how you do the things you do that indeed He is, and is too; so much more. Most importantly, demonstrate to God by whatever you do that you consider Him to be so, and therefore you want to honour Him. Let others see it too. It is our ” reasonable” act of worship. It makes good sense.

Worship God by how you use your body members, and by what you use them for.

Live worshipfully today. Love you lots.

PST Tancy.


3 thoughts on “Redefining Worship

  1. Right on Tancy! True worship is an act. Every time that we get a chance to choose to do something that is in accord with God’s word, we are worshiping Him!

    This issue really brings to light the difference between the Hebraic way of thought (as is in the Bible), and the Greek / Roman way of thought (as is in most western churches). In Hebraic thought action is foremost. If you aren’t living or doing something, then you didn’t listen or hear. To worship God was to do what He commanded. Singing and praising God was on top of the obedience.

    So, every time, throughout the day, when I get a chance to deliberately choose to do what is right in God’s eyes, I’m worshiping Him; and then I can thank Him for the opportunity as well!
    Shalom in Yeshua (Jesus),
    – Yosef


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