Locos out of control

It’s been said that life is not fair. That is to say life, of itself and by itself won’t dish out to you what you truly deserve. Respect, dignity, success, love, even punishment.

Locus of control is the extent to which people perceive outcomes as internally controllable by their own efforts and actions, or as externally controlled by chance or outside forces. 

Let us consider the subject of respect:  there are those people who strive and labour hard  for a good cause, all their lives with little recognition or appreciation. Their worth passes unnoticed or unacknowledged, no matter how hard they try to stamp it in their life time. Yes, in spite of all their efforts. Then when they are dead, they are suddenly missed, noticed, and their value suddenly shoots up! At the long run, people do get what they deserve in this world. They get all the recognition and respect they deserve after they “quit” trying to grab it. Internal locus “out of control”; taken over by external locus of control.

You see, as quoted by Hunt, there are those who persistently ” feel that what happens to them is governed by external forces of one kind or another,  while others feel that what happens to them is governed largely by their own efforts and skills”.

The people who fall within the former persuasion of Hunt’s quote tend to feel that what happens to them is of their own doing. A choice really. This has been found to be so to a certain extent.

Those who fall in the latter category are of the view that sometimes, the “feeling of not having enough control” over the direction their lives are taking is present with them, and is quite real too. I identify with both schools of thought. Sometimes, our efforts reward us, at other times our efforts and choices don’t seem to work for us. And there are still times we have big breaks and success thrust on us where we never dreamed of. Times and seasons. The debate goes on. Let’s continue to add to it.




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