He is risen!

He is risen!

He isn’t here! He’s risen from the dead, just as He said would happen. Come, see where His body was lying. Matthew 28:6

Jesus died without a shadow of doubt. He was certified dead by a Roman soldier who served under Pontius Pilate (Mark 15:45). The curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two at the moment of His death. There were great signs in the firmament: there was a great earthquake to announce His death! Rocks split apart, tombs opened up! (Matt 27:50-52).

Joseph of Arimathea obtained permission to bury Jesus in his new, unused tomb. As the time was nearing the Sabbath, everyone left hurriedly to their individual homes. The beloved had been painfully crucified. But just at that very moment, the Pharisees remembered Jesus’ claim about rising up again after the third day of His death, and thought that His disciples would come up with a plan to steal His body in order to make the people to believe that Jesus did indeed rise again. They wanted to prevent that at all cost. They therefore went to to see Pilate to request for guards to seal the tomb, and to watch over it.

The sealing of tombs was performed by stretching a cord across the stone and fastening it to the rock at either end by means of sealing Clay, or if the stone at the door happened to be fastened with a cross beam, it was sealed to the rock.

On the dawn of the third day Mary, the mother of Jesus and the other female disciples went to the tomb, intending to anoint Jesus’ body with choice herbs. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake! Reason? An angel of the LORD had come down from Heaven, rolled the stone, and sat on it. The guards were so terrified they fainted! The angel said to the frightened women, “He is risen just as He said He would. Jesus had left the tomb with the huge stone still intact! It was the angel who later rolled it away to reveal the empty tomb.

The bodies of many godly men and women who had died were raised from the dead at the moment of Jesus’ resurrection. These left the cemeteries, went into the holy city of Jerusalem, and appeared to many people (Matt 27:52-53).Thus, the resurrection of the Christ was not without witnesses.

The Pharisees now have to bribe the guards not to tell the truth about the empty tomb and what had happened there, even though it was something they had witnessed first hand.

Jesus revealed Himself bodily to the women on their way back home and asked them to tell the others He will meet with them in Galilee. He talked! He walked! He was alive and well. After all the torture, beating, bruises, crucifixion and death. Yes, He laid down His life and took it up again, after paying the full price, accomplishing the redemptive atonement of our sins and total salvation. For it was not possible that death could hold Him. He lives forevermore!


He’s coming back soon!


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