Turn the spotlight on Jesus

Paul writes,

“For since our friendship with God was restored by the death of His Son while we were still His enemies, we will certainly be saved through the life of His Son” Romans 5:10

Reconciliation between enemies is always a memorable and joyful occasion which results in celebration. It brings renewed commitment to keeping the peace and a sense of responsibility for nurturing the continuing friendship.

Restored friendship brings peace. Our restoration came about through the suffering and death of God’s own Son. We have been “made right in God’s sight (justified) by faith in Jesus and what He’s done for us” (ROM 5:1). And now, we have peace with God.

Let us consider this verse carefully. The Greek rendering of peace here is “eirenen”, (the noun) the state of being peaceful. It is about a sense of contentment, satisfaction, or quietness; the state of reconciliation as opposed to enmity. It isn’t ” eirene”, the verb form.

Jesus has further brought us into this grace in which we now stand. Grace is conceived of here as an environment into which we have been brought to. The state of justification (made right with God) is first and foremost a matter of grace.

Therefore, in being made right and being reconciled, we experience a change in environment: translated from a crippling, sin-dominated slavery and bitter enmity with God (the kingdom of darkness) into a new, friendly, enabling environment of peacefulness and of freedom, made able to please God (made righteous).

All of these we received for free without any effort on our part. It’s all about the Man Jesus, and what He was willing to do for you and l. He stood accused in our place, died in our place, made us right with God, reconciling us with Him, brought us into the place of grace. We only watched all of the proceedings from afar; passive observers of a great act of restoration. We were not involved at all. He did it all for us. All the glory must be to Jesus, to Him alone.

Let us make Jesus our central focus in every thing. We are saved only through Him. Let’s turn the spotlight away from our boastings. Let’s instead boast only in what He’s done for us. Enjoy your stay in the place called “grace”.

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