My Prized Belt

I won’t Wear a belt

Whose edges are frayed,

Won’t Wear it if the surface is broken

Or crumpled

Or twisted and out of shape.

Oh, no l won’t!

I’m not going to wear a belt

That has no fasteners,

For then, l couldn’t get it secured

I found a Belt of great value

This precious and protective one,

This Belt of Truth.

My armor, Compass and light.

I want to wear it always

Adorn myself with its beauty

Gird it around my waist

My Prized possession

I want to wear it proudly

Displaying it for all to see

Wherever l go

Whatever l do or say

Fitted rightly, fastened securely

All straightened out

I’m quite fussy about this Belt

Zealous for its integrity

For the sacred content

Its a gift from my wonderful Father

Fashioned for every occasion

To all intents, and purposes

It is timeless

It is priceless

It’s a treasure

It’s His word, my rule

My spiritual weapon

My defence, my guide

The Belt of Truth.

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