Let the fire fall

Longing for the fire of revival

The fire of the Holy Spirit,

To rain upon men, women, children

In this time, this season

To sweep through the land, consuming and cleansing

Refining and separating

The dross from the precious metal.

Let it fall, let it fall , yielded l am to its refining process

Purifying and cleansing
No resistance in me
I willingly give myself up,
Offer myself to you
Yes, l am a living sacrifice
All laid down before you.

You will not infringe on my will,

You blessed me with a free will of choice

So l make a choice out of my own free will;

l choose to give it up to you.

Take my life, my body, my time,

my desires, my will, My all.

I lay them down at your feet.

For I desire that your will be done

Not mine, for l can only

go astray without

Your eye to guide me

And Your word to show the way

To instruct me.

The lamp for my feet

And a light for my path

In absolute surrender
I am waiting, waiting, for your fire.
I want to be on fire for You, Lord
All fired up

with the desire to serve you,
Fired up

with the desire to live for you,
Fired up,

With the desire to hear from You,
So fired up,
With the desire to listen and obey,
That’s the only valid proof,
Of all my love for you
To obey Your word
Obey Your commands

To seek Your Kingdom,

And live out it’s kind

Of righteousness
To bring glory to the Father;

My Father, our loving Father.

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