Our Divine Escort

Exodus 23:20-23

“See, I am sending an Angel before you to protect you on your journey and to lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you ” Exodus 23: 20 NLT

Having delivered the Israelites from the hand of Pharaoh, the LORD kept on leading them through Moses towards the Promised Land. This time around, God decided to lead them by His Angel

He promised to send His Angel to lead and keep Israel through the wilderness into the land of Canaan, the land He had promised and prepared for them. The Lord warned them not to provoke the Angel Was the warning necessary? Yes, because provoking this “escort” was an unforgivable offense.”

Pay close attention to him, and obey his every instruction . Do not rebel against him, for He is my representative, and He will not forgive your rebellion”

Provoking the Angel of the Lord, would bring great punishment on Israel. The Lord also forewarned them not to serve the idols of the inhabitants of Canaan. They were to serve Him only, the true and living God.

After the warning, He promised them that He would bless their bread and water, prevent all forms of epidemic from visiting them, give them good health and healing as well as fruitfulness both in body and spirit. He also laid bare His security plan for them. He would make them to conquer and subdue their enemies not by their own weapons, but by the terror He would lay on the enemies’ hearts and by sending hornets to scare them away.

God gave them the reason He would not drive out all their enemies at once, but gradually. It was to preserve the nation of Israel from the beasts of the land that might gather themselves together to exterminate them.
These things were written down as examples to warn us who live at the end of the age. (1Cor 10:11).

A loving God indeed we have, who will never leave His people alone on their journeys in this wilderness called life.

His Holy Spirit , the Paracletus- the One who walks beside us and helps us on our way, has been appointed to lead and comfort us on the way to our promised heavenly destination in Christ. There are enemies on the way; and tribulations here on earth. The LORD promises to deliver us from them all gradually as we patiently endure. It’s for our benefit, growth and perfection. (Jam 1:2-4)

We must make sure that we do not grieve His Spirit.(Eph 4:30). Sin grieves the Holy Spirit; therefore pursue holiness; and seek to live in peace with all manner of men.

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4 thoughts on “Our Divine Escort

  1. Nice one. Very good analogy between the angel of Lord leading the Israelites and God delivering them gradually and the Holy Spirit leading us to our own promised land and delivering us. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️🙏

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