A wasted opportunity

KEY VERSE: “Oh that my people had hearkened unto me, and Israel had walked in my ways!”
Psalm 81:13
[ KJV ]

You may have, at one time or the other, expressed regret in failing to seize an opportunity when there was room for it. The bottom line of such regret shows that we take the blame for what we experience as a result of our inaction or unwise action. In today’s text, God reveals that the nation of Israel was solely to blame for their unfortunate lot in life.

He had promised to fight their battles, making their enemies His own enemies. He had even done this on several occasions in the past. His intention was to give them total and permanent victory over all their foes. He also wanted to give them abundant provisions like no other nation had. But that was not to be! The reason wasn’t that God was no longer able to fulfill His promise but because they failed to meet the condition of the covenant relationship.

All He wanted from them was that they obeyed Him indeed and walked in His way. Instead, they chose to do otherwise. God is able to do all He promised us if only we will keep to the conditions for His blessings. We cannot blame our lot in life on Him or any other person for that matter. In fact, He does not need the support of man in any way to accomplish His purpose for our lives. The simple thing He requires from us is that we believe and obey Him truly. Grace and mercy be multiplied to you. Amen

*Food for Thought*
Are there things in your life for which you express regret presently? Don’t you think you would have had things far better with you if you had actually allowed God to work through you? Well, it may not be too late to make things right. God forgives mistakes if they are truly regretted and repented of. He also can help you regain what you may have lost. Simple faith and obedience to God are key to pleasing Him.

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