El Shammah

Dear Lord, in You is eternal life. I have

nowhere else to go. I desire to be


other than in Your presence. Without

Your Presence, my life is vain. There’s

only emptiness, anxiety, uncertainty.

But in Your Presence, l find rest, fullness

of joy, hope.

In You I live, move and have my being.

You are my meaning to life. You are my

relevance, my all in all.

I thank You for giving me the

ability to always abide in You and to

abide in Your word.

Thanks for the grace to apply

Your words unto fruitfulness.

Bless me with Your abiding Presence


Let it fill every space around me,

wherever l am. I hunger for Your

nearness, Your personality standing out

from the crowd.

May others around me sense Your

Presence and pay you homage.

May they observe the stillness, calm and

peace. Lead them to You, turn their

thoughts to You, and make them aware

of You.

May Your Presence draw attention to You.

Communicate Your love to the unloved.

Forgiveness to the sinner

Hope to the hopeless

In Your Presence, there’s fullness of joy.

I desire to walk through every second of

this day with You.

Lord, l love You. And l just want to be

with You.


Tancy, 08/2018

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