Within a Timeframe

“I must do the work of the one who sent me while it is day. Night is approaching, when no one can work”_

ISV John 9:4

Managing time is very important in life, if one wants to maximize potential to achieve desired results. Good opportunities don’t just happen. Every opportunity you see or come across was created by someone. And we should also create good opportunities for others when it’s within our power. God is the best creator of all good opportunities.
One great opportunity God gives to all human beings is LIFE. If you are alive today, it’s a great opportunity given to you by God. But also keep it in mind that your life is lived within a time frame. So learn to make the most of your life within your allotted time frame.

Today is God’s investment in our lives to fulfill His assignment through us.
“For to him who is joined with all the living there is hope; for a living dog is BETTER than a dead lion” (Eccl 9:4 ).

Hope is only possible for the living. *The lion is believed to be the king of the jungle with its great and excellent features. Yet once it is dead, it is powerless, and its excellence and might ceases. It loses its relevance for the animal kingdom.
On the other hand, a life dog can be used as a pet or a guard because it is alive. Against a dead lion without life and time, a dog who has both is better off and relevant.

Since we are alive today, we must appreciate and cherish this gift of life and time from God and make the most out of it. Never waste time or take it for granted. None of us has been given more than 24 hours in any given day. And no one has less hours in any given day. So our success hinges on how best we utilize the life and time at your disposal.

As Jesus said, we are to work with and utilize the opportunities given us within a certain time frame: while it is day. We waste or under utilize our life by wasting time. We can maximize and harness these opportunities for good. Sure, there will be challenges on the way. Nevertheless, we have the word of God to lead and direct us to greatness.

God hates idleness, which is wasting time by doing nothing worthwhile with it. He loves and blesses the diligent. It’s a choice.

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