Anointing of gladness

Dear Precious Father,

I thank You for Your

works in Your Son Jesus

which brings glorious

benefits in my life.

As I conform to the

image of Jesus the Anointed One;

Your Son

I also enjoy what He enjoyed from You.

Let my adorations of You be spontaneous;

An Overflow of joy,

In response to Your radiant beauty.

Let them also be

Disciplined and measured

An act of my will, voluntary.

Let this joyous discipline

Lead to a life of intimacy

With Your Presence.

Draw me to Yourself

Through a thankful heart

Please fill and anoint me continually

with the oil of exultant joy and gladness

in all aspects of my life

Through Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name !

5 thoughts on “Anointing of gladness

  1. Amen!! Amen!! Oh Joy of tears came as i read this…JOY!! JOY!! I’m so Thankful and Grateful That Jesus Christ Saved My Soul, And Using Me For His Purpose. Amazing Grace!! How Sweet The Sound That Had Saved A Wretch Life Me… \0/\0/ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. So touched that you were moved to tears as you read it. I can see that you share in the joy of knowing Jesus as Savior and enjoying being a child of God. Isn’t He wonderful, and altogether beautiful.
      Thanks for taking time to read and for your warm comments.

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      1. God Bless you!! I Strongly Agree!! It’s been a Blessing having Him in my heart and life. He has changed me, and I’m so every thankful and grateful. His brought me from a Mighty Long way. I’m still growing, called the ((Process)). Through our hardships in this world, there is also joyships. I truly Adore Him!! His our breath that we breathe daily. You continue allowing Him to use you for His purpose. I’m bless to meet you. ((Hugs))

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