Take a stand for God

The glorious and joyous experience of the Christian life cannot be compared to anything else in this world. Consequently, many oppositions have arisen against it. No other group of people have ever been hated, despised, persecuted and rejected more than Christians in history. However, they have stood the test of time to defend Who and what they believe.

In our passage of Scripture today, three young Hebrew men – Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego – are reputed to have stood for God even in the face of threats of death.

In Daniel chapter three, King Nebuchadnezzar raised an idol to be worshipped by all the inhabitants of the land. These three men who were then in captivity refused to obey the king’s decree to bow down to the image and to worship it. They were reported to the king. With great boldness they declared to the king that they would not serve his gods. What a remarkable attitude was exhibited by these men!

It is our turn to stand for God and His word as never before especially in these times, and not beat a hasty retreat when confronted by any life threatening challenges. We should not be seen to be compromising our faith and beliefs in God at any time.

When under pressure from the pleasures of the world, and the demand to be “politically correct”, let’s not allow them to knock us out. We must refuse to be victims of ‘cold love’; for we are victors through Christ Jesus. If you are a Christian, you are at the safest place. Rekindle your love for God and the things of God. God is already ”standing” for you, it’s time you stood for Him too in all your dealings.

For those who believe in Him shall never be put to shame* (Rom10:11).

Never feel ashamed to be called a Christian or of your Lord. Stand proud, stand bold for God despite oppositions and challenges. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

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