DID YOU know you are a spirit, have a soul and live in a body? And are you living in this consciousness? Your body “houses ” your spirit and soul. Many can easily make sense of the body and the soul; so much attention is often given to them . But the Bible makes us understand that man is a tripartite being (1 Thess 5:23). Therefore man is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body (three in one). Now concerning the spirit, many people are not often abreast with its work. This is the innermost being, the hidden man of the heart (1Peter 3:4). It is not the same as the soul.

Now when we are born again, all things should become new – spirit, soul and body (2 Cor 5:17). However, it is the spirit that’s recreated instantly not the body or mind.

For instance, if one of the pair of limbs was longer before you were saved and now you have been saved, it doesn’t mean that it will become shorter . But your spirit is perfected and loaded with all the best things you need. Now, it lies with us to consciously “work” on the mind by renewing and replacing thoughts of sin with righteousness, faithlessness with faith, failure with diligence to achieve success. This way, we renew our mind to conform to what took place in our spirit man at the time of the new birth.
by a love for God.

Transformation comes only by renewing the mind with God’s word. We need a “mind renovation”. You may have been told that you are a failure, inferior, or not smart. That’s the old mind ! The new mind is one that is in agreement with the word of God which reveals the mind of God. To fit our new status, there is the need for a “new mind” formed from God’s word to replace our old way of thinking and reasoning. This is a process .When our mind is renewed accordingly, then we are on the pathway to transformation. We have to “retune” our minds to how God thinks because we are His child. If someone can gain control of the mind, they can control our entire life. A mind controlled by the word of God through the power of Holy Spirit births a transformed life in God’s glory. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.


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