Run unhindered

Therefore. . .” . Having just learned in Chapter 11 of many great heroes and heroines of faith in the Old Testament era, let us also follow their example and persevere in our Christian race. These same great men and women of faith are referred to as “witnesses”, for the fact that they testified to their faith through their lives.
The way we live out our faith is likened to running a spiritual race. There are many things in our Christian lives which in themselves are not necessarily wrong, but which hinder us in our spiritual race. We must throw off everything that may hinder us in order to run more quickly. Such hindrances may even be good things, but they do take time away from our services to God. Note, that in Hebrews 12: 1, a distinction is made between sin and hindrances, which tells us that we are dealing with two issues where our spiritual race is concerned; sin and whatever else that prevents us from being a good runner in the race. We must examine ourselves frequently to find out if any hindrances are lurking somewhere in our lives and deal with them promptly. What may be a hindrance in one’s life may not be so in another person’s life. It all depends on what enslaves and prevent us from running straight. Sin slows us down spiritually. Bottom line is they can result in a checkered progress And hindrances do slow us down, too.

That’s the great disadvantage. Anyone who desires to win a race cannot afford to slow down at any point in the course of the race. When we allow that to happen, we will be overtaken, and will lose the advantage of the gains made.

We are not just to confess our sin, or cling to any hindrances even if they give us some comfort. Instead, we are admonished to throw them off! By confessing and forsaking sin, we make progress in our Christian race. Confessing and going back to the same sin is besetting, and it entangles. They may easily trip us up, and a fall is inevitable. Therefore, we would be tripping up and falling and getting up repeatedly. It puts us into a kind of a vicious cycle; instead of running a race, we will be wasting precious time getting ourselves untangled , tripping and falling and rising up again only to repeat the cycle. We may end up nowhere if we don’t forsake them.

We must run with perseverance. And endurance. It is not an easy race. It takes great persistence and determination. The enemy of our souls will try to use some of the good things in life to hinder us, and will also tempt us to sin in order that we will not make it to the end of the race successfully and in victory. Thank God for Holy Spirit, our Helper along the way. He convicts us of sin, and also prompts us against any possible hindrances. So Paul says,

Let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves
(Gal 5:16).

That’s sound advice. The only sure way of keeping in line on our assigned track in the Christian race is to be full of Holy Spirit. That’s the only given solution
May you run unhindered.


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