Receptive to God’s Love

The children of Israel, for the most part, forgot the love of God. Malachi knew he had an assignment to declare God’s message, which he considered as a heavy burden . In spite of His goodness and graciousness unto them, Israel refused to believe that God actually loved them.

They were unwilling to trust Him and would not listen to His messenger. It was in this perplexing situation that Malachi, the prophet, found himself especially because of Israel’s insensitivity to God’s love and their complete departure from Him. While God’s love preserved Israel, Edom was turned into a wasteland. God used Malachi’s message to rebuke and condemn the Israelites over their unqualified assumptions and reckless disposition.

As always with human nature, when times are hard, it is difficult to believe God loves. The love, which He showed to Israel ought to form the motive and model of their love towards Him. Unfortunately, it did not. His demonstration of His love for Israel came with two major proofs – His sovereign choice and preservation of Israel.
Today, God has demonstrated this same love for us. He has preserved our lives to ensure that we would not perish, giving us His dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, as a ransom for our sins. He has also been faithful and good to us, providing for our daily needs.

Yet, not many people appreciate and reciprocate His deep love for us. We are tempted to count the challenges, that we daily face, rather than count the many blessings we regularly receive from Him. Let there be a change this day. Let’s stop denominating our lives in terms of the odds we face which are indeed the means God uses sometimes to build our faith. Instead, let’s resort to praising Him in every situation. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
You can see God from anywhere if your mind is set to love Him. He is always present and near. He has already lavished on us all the love that’s in Him when He poured out His great anger for Jesus because He was made sin for us in order that we might be the righteousness of God. What a great show of love we have experienced in the Beloved!


One thought on “Receptive to God’s Love

  1. Amen!
    It’s also worth noting that Israel did not (typically) suddenly decide to quit trusting Yehovah (the LORD). Very often what came first was a paying attention to how the ‘nations’ worshiped their gods, and taking in some aspects of it. Scripture shows us that God abhors such activity. So, we should not take God’s love for us granted either, and be diligent to avoid bringing pagan ideas of any kind in to our worship of our King!

    This is especially relevant as Hanukkah starts tonight, and Hanukkah is, at its core, about following Yehovah (the LORD) in a pure way. I’ll have a short blurb about Hanukkah up shortly…

    Shalom, and thanks again for the words! They are very good to keep in mind. – Yosef

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