Season’s of gathering

IT IS good to learn the principles of wealth creation and to develop the mindset of a diligent worker, but it is essential to also consider the seasons of gathering. The preacher says in Ecclesiastes 3:1

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

Never think that because you’re a youth, there is always more time for you. Don’t be like those who always love to procrastinate and think they can do anything at just anytime. No, there are certain appointed times and seasons for every event;

A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones… (Eccl 3:5).

This scripture reveals the essence of knowing when to gather and keep on harvesting without laziness. Summer time symbolises a time of gathering fruits of the land and laying them up against winter, which also symbolizes the times when it isn’t possible to gather anymore. This is the wise attitude of the ant as described in Proverbs 6:8

…the ant prepares its provisions in the summer and gathers its food in the harvest.

Gathering at the right time is a hallmark of wisdom. Therefore we must discern the seasons and times of our lives and maximize them when the opportunity is still available. Just as the ant can’t gather in “winter” because the conditions wouldn’t allow it, so it is in human life.

The proverb summarises the need to maximize the youthful and healthy stages of our lives, opportunities, energies, talents, gifts and money at the right times to avoid a disgraceful adult life and become liability to parents, children and society as a whole. We must heed to these instructions and be wise; gathering at the right times diligently.

The Message Translation puts it succinctly;

Make hay while the sun shines – that’s smart; go fishing during harvest – that’s stupid.”_ (Proverbs 10:5).

May you be endowed with prudence and godly wisdom.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.


One thought on “Season’s of gathering

  1. Here is another season that is worth thinking about: “Seek Yehovah (the LORD) while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.” Isaiah 55:6 (ESV). What time Isaiah was referring to is up to discussion, but I find it an interesting thought. Shalom! – Yosef

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