Depth of wisdom

Wise words are like deep waters, wisdom flows from the wise like a bubbling brook

This particular Scripture suggests that our words can be measured for depth, and direction. Deep waters and flowing brooks.
“Deep waters” suggests an inexhaustible supply of words, and the idea that their words are profound.
A “fountain of wisdom”, or a “bubbling brook” describes the speech of the wise as a continuous source of refreshing and beneficial ideas.
Deep wisdom is always informed by knowledge.
Therefore, the wise person has a deep pool of profound wisdom, which gives birth to words of prudent counsel to help and guide others.
In other words, a wise person is full of wisdom, and out of the store of that pool, is able to give out requisite insight on a given matter.

This proverb is not about just anyone; it describes a wise person. It is only a wise man’s mouth that feeds knowledge to others.

The lips of the wise give good advice; the heart of the fool has none to give

A fool is deep in foolishness, and therefore foolishness is what bubbles up out of him.

The proverb has two beautiful similes. The first one declares a wise person’s words are like deep waters. This kind of wisdom is deep, not just a superficial view of things (John 7:24: Is 11:1-4). His wisdom is plentiful: he can help with different dilemmas (Job 29:21-25; Matt 13:52). Only people of understanding can draw it out, for fools cannot comprehend nor accept wisdom.

The second part describes a wise person’s words as a spring from which flows a brook. A wellspring is the source of a spring that flows out of a stream. As a brook provides water to nourish the low lands in it’s locality, so a wise person’s words help those around him. The mouth of the wise is a well of life (Prov10:11) and their instruction is a fountain of life (Prov13:14) feeding many (Prov10:21). But it is only for those who have understanding, who accept their words of wisdom that benefit from the nourishment and life -giving strength.

The words of the wise person is described in the word of God as health and a tree of life to others (Prov 12:18; 15:4).
Are we always ready to listen to those who have in depth knowledge and wisdom about certain matters? Wise people always want to increase knowledge by learning. Are you hungry for knowledge and understanding? Do you have a teachable spirit? Or perhaps, you think you have it all figured out?
Let us not deprive ourselves of health and life by rejecting the words of the wise.
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.


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