Recognition for labor

SACRIFICE is a key characteristic of Christianity, and forms the backbone of any meaningful service performed for the Lord. Sacrifice is defined as ” the act of giving up something important or valuable so that you or/and other people can do or have something else. Sacrifice always involves giving certain valuable things up”.
Sometimes, it may demand that we even keep away from certain people we consider as important to us but can be a form of hindrance to our total obedience to God!
Jesus sacrificed everything including His life, and gave us a great example to follow. Every great person is a product of sacrifice. It takes sacrifice to be a good leader.

We cannot abound in the work of the Lord without making sacrifices. There are some things we will have to forsake; and there are others we will have to pursue in order to serve the Lord effectively. Our labor for the Lord is precious to Him.

In view of such sacrifices, Paul was admonishing the Corinthian church to remain steadfast, unmovable and abound in the work of the Lord, walking in the consciousness that their labor in Him is not in vain. In other words, our labour in Christ is not useless or wasted. God, our Father, takes cognizance of all that we do for His name’s sake. He doesn’t forget the labor we do for Him. Serving or working for the Lord should never be seen as useless or wasted. For God is always faithful.

Even though we may have to encounter a lot of challenges and persecutions, God is still the best and fairest employer, and the best rewarder. He gives us all that pertains to life and godliness. Know that your persistent labor of love and sacrifice will never go unrewarded. Your labor won’t be fruitless. If you are truly laboring for the Lord Jesus Christ from your heart without murmuring or complaining, then be rest assured that your labor in Him is never wasted. Keep working for the Lord because it is a memorable sacrifice before Him which attracts great rewards and crowns. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.


3 thoughts on “Recognition for labor

  1. So very true!

    While reading your post I was reminded of the sacrifice of giving. Yeshua (Jesus) commented, in Mark 12:41-44, about how the widow who gave two small coins gave more then all the others who were giving. When we give, it is almost always out of what we can spare. How often do we say to ourselves, “I can do without such-and-such that I was planning on buying, and can rather give the money to so-and-so who has need?” Or when did we buy something new that we wanted, and instead of “giving the old thing” to someone, gave the new instead? That is a true sacrifice that God accepts.

    Shalom! – Yosef

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