Strength to carry on

Scripture testifies that Jesus was fully man and fully God. He therefore manifested both natures in the scriptures. And our opening scripture tells it plainly. Jesus needed strength, therefore He must have felt weak.

When the time of His crucifixion was near, it is written he went to the Mount of Olives to pray. He spent time to pray about the impending task ahead of time. After He had prayed, an angel was sent from heaven to strengthen Him.
This suggests that Jesus needed to be strengthened. The fact that He was in need of that supernatural ministration reveals that He was not up to the task at that point. The enormity of what lay ahead of Him was daunting, creating a feeling of apprehension and with it, some discouragement.

His human nature was so much manifested that He needed supernatural strength from God. The next verse tells us the reason why He needed strength to carry on; “And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly…” ( Luke 22:44). Yet, despite the agony He prayed more to receive enough strength to carry on. Did he pray because all his strength was gone? No! He prayed because the task ahead of Him was much challenging than all that He had faced previously and needed greater strength than what he had yesterday. Sure, He needed today’s anointing for today’s assignment.

Prayer is one avenue to receive strength to carry on to the next and assignment of our lives. If Jesus prayed earnestly to face the task ahead of Him, then we need to do same. Many of us wait till we go through the challenges before we pray. But Jesus teaches us to pray ahead of the tasks assigned to us. After that prayer, He was strengthened. The word strengthened in our opening verse is *enischuō*, in Greek, and it means “to grow or make strong”.

Prayer can make us strong spiritually. *Spiritual strength is equally important as physical strength*. We need both to thrive successfully in life. And prayer is one way to strengthen oneself in the journey of life. Note, *however, that prayer is not strength, but an avenue to receive strength. And prayer is not power but an avenue for empowerment*. Are you in any pain? Are you weak, or do you have any great task ahead of you? Then spend quality time and pray to receive greater strength to carry on successfully. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen !

Come in prayer to God as your Source of Strength and Power. Ask to receive fresh strength in a greater measure and empowerment to carry on successfully this journey of life. By means of His strength, weariness won’t set in. We will be able to run the race, fight the good fight and finish the course in glory. Give thanks to God for making much strength available to you in
Jesus’ Name.

❗Remember, when a soldier runs out of bullets on the battle field, they cease firing, because they need to reload. They don’t reload in the open; they beat a retreat. They find a safe place away from the heat and onslaught of bullets, and do it. That’s worth emulating.



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