IT IS VERY EXPEDIENT that we guard our spiritual journey with God on a daily basis. We can not successfully face life without receiving a daily empowerment through God’s word. Put yourself on a constant diet from God’s word. Yes, it is our duty to allow the word of Christ dwell in us richly in all wisdom by having the readiness to learn and be taught by it all the time. “The word of Christ ” is a phrase that occurs only once in the New Testament. It refers to the words spoken by Christ, and it is the word of God. It is within the word of Christ that His principles and character are revealed.

Receiving and living the word of Christ begins with a strong and insatiable desire for it.
David said

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long (desire) for you, O God! ( Ps 42:1).

Through desire a dream is birthed but it comes to reality by constant pursuit in faith, love and perseverance. This pursuit is realised in daily acts such as studying the Bible and applying its principles to our daily lives . This will open up our spirits to receive God’s transformative word. For it’s God’s word that forms the stable basis of all that we are, have and can become. Without the word of God in your life, Satan will always have easy unblocked access to your life. And remember, he is a wicked liar, thief, killer and destroyer. Ephesians 4 :27 says

do not give place or opportunity to the devil” Eph 4:27

The indwelling word of Christ has all the necessary staying power to stop the devil and all his operations against you. It’s not just the logos, the written word; it must be read to ingest it, meditated on to digest it; and prayed on to circulate into our system, to become part of us and stay (dwell) in us . We are to make a conscious effort to receive the word, character, and principles of Christ, into our spirit by studying, meditating, confessing and acting on it daily (Joshua1:8).
Holy Spirit will give us revelations in the word which will genuinely impact our lives and make us have good success. For the word of God has inherent power to make us become what it talks about. At the long run, the word of Christ will bring to us total transformation. I open up my heart to receive the word of Christ. For the word of grace is able to build me up. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.



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