Money worship?

Jesus was teaching against religious piety that was just a mere showing off. He warned against the sins of greed, materialism, and worry that stems out from misplaced and worldly priorities. We are not to seek to accumulate treasures on earth.
The Lord Jesus further pointed out that the things that we greatly treasure tend to occupy our hearts and block out thoughts about God’s kingdom.

In Matt 6:24, Jesus teaches about the choice of a master to serve or worship, and reveals that it is basically between God and money!
The believer’s attention is therefore drawn to create awareness to the dangers that the love for money could pose to our devotion to God. Both have the power to master us, and therefore, we can be slaves of either one we choose to love and submit to. Would you submit to God or money when you are faced with the option of only one of them? Will we allow our financial needs to dictate to us to serve money at that instant rather than to serve God?
In times of financial crisis, who do we look to? We do tell God about it, but the questions we ask and seek answers to mainly dwell on ” how will l get the money to solve this?” We focus more on money. We may kid ourself by seeking “practical solutions”. O, how easy it can be to deny Jesus His worship in times like that.

While Jesus was on earth, He paid His taxes not as a return for any job done, and it was not in keeping with His immediate economic situation. He paid it with money out of a fish! Note that He didn’t refuse to honor His obligations. In the same way, God can always provide for us outside the economy of our nations to also honor our obligations to the state and also to provide for our families (1 Tim 5:8) . His source is not under the control of any man or demon. That’s why Jesus is teaching about trusting God on financial issues. God wants us to trust Him for our daily provision. He is never limited by the economic trends in the world.
Paul wisely wrote about this: “. . . my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches. . .”. Not according to your bank statement or investments. Can you trust Him enough to do this in your life?
Money is not the absolute answer. But Jesus is. Consider Ps 49: 6-20.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


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