On God’s leash

Then the beast was allowed to speak great blasphemies against God. And he was given authority to do whatever he wanted to do . . .Revelations 13:5

EVER questioned why God sometimes allows certain bad things to happen to us and doesn’t “prevent or restrain” the enemy from going on a rampage against us, His beloved children, who trust solely in Him; and have placed their faith in Him as well?
Well, you are not alone! Most believers at one point or another in their lives have had to come to the place where God “appeared” inept; helpless . It’s as though God suddenly was stripped of His power and authority, and made to endure some “checks” by a seemingly more powerful enemy. At such times, we tend to be fearful, and apprehensive; even a little cross with God for acting so quiet and unconcerned.
Hold on! All power and authority still, and has, and will always belong to God.
Our text reveals the platform from which Satan launches his impudent assault on God’s people, sometimes even against God. In Rev 13:5, the beast “was allowed” to speak great blasphemies against God. Who allowed it to do so? God, of course!

This means that God had the beast under a restraining order and it wasn’t going any where until God lifted it. The beast on its own lacked the freedom to operate. He was under a Greater/Superior’s guard. Though it was full of blasphemy, it couldn’t speak out until it obtained permission.
The beast was also given authority to act. Without the momentary authority conferred on it, the beast couldn’t do anything , because it wouldn’t dare rebel against God’s authority on its own.
The truth of the matter is this : God always has the enemy on a leash. His authority imposes limitations on Satan and his operations. In the book of Job, (1:9-10) .Satan talked about God’s hedge of protection around Job, hindering him from harming him. Our enemy doesn’t have the liberty to do as he pleases, though sometimes he deceives us into thinking that he does. He’s always been a liar, and deception is his game plan. Satan does only whatever God will permit.

Satan’s attempts to deceive us and get us to worship him and prevent us from turning to God cannot succeed unless we help him; by submitting to him.

But as long as we are submitted to God and under the control of Holy Spirit, we have the edge over him. As long as we choose to resist him, he must flee from us. It is our selfish choices and willfulness that leads us into falling into temptation.

God is faithful. As long as we draw near to Him and submit to Him, He will always provide a way of escape even in times of sore and seemingly overwhelming temptations. Let’s always keep it in mind satan, our enemy, is never out of God’s control.

Our God is always in control and does all things with only our good and best interests at heart. He’s always in charge, on time and on point. He will not let us fall. He will never fail us.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.



2 thoughts on “On God’s leash

  1. Wonderful, timely words. I just had a hair-raising experience and ended up in the emergency room (first time in over 40 years I had to rush to the doctor!). Turned out to be nothing, but during that time I learned a few things. I may blog about it, but your post is just a wonderful reminder of what I already knew, but love hearing again right now.
    Shalom! – Yosef

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