Caught God’s eye?

Our LORD is telling how utterly impossible it is for heaven or earth to adequately contain Him; following it up with absolute possession of everything that there is in both. Sure, He is b-i-g , yet He willingly offers His fellowship to a certain kind of people: those who are humble enough to readily admit to and accept their sin, and who are contrite in spirit, easily broken over their sin.
In these days of complacency and self love, these two distinguishing qualities are almost gone because of pride, and a desperate desire to impress people by outward shows of piety that’s not backed by a corresponding strong will to abstain from sin. We no longer are pained by sin, or pray and weep over besetting sins in brokenness, seeking fervently for Holy Spirit’s strengthening to overcome them completely. We have ceased from fasting to break the power of sin in our lives, to seek for power and anointing to live above sin, to desire for a victorious Christian lifestyle. And all because we want to please God and to delight in Him.

If these qualities of humility and contrition do not describe us, then we won’t enjoy that rich quality of fellowship the LORD promises, for He does not seek the fellowship of the arrogant. Let us examine ourselves daily and offer our hearts for Holy Spirit’s searching, so that times of renewal and refreshing may come upon us once more.


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