Accepting God’s authority

Growing up, my late Dad was my very first authority figure, humanly speaking. All my siblings and l took his commands and prohibitions seriously. He was a great Dad by all standards, but will always follow through with discipline if we disobeyed him. As a result, we never took his words lightly. We literally “trembled” at his words because we very much respected and accepted his authority. Some of our friends would sometimes tease us about how much we “feared” our Dad. We knew and enjoyed great peace, loving care and tenderness from him. He was a great example of headship in the family.
That’s the picture today’s text is painting to us: a deep respect and admiration for God’s authority. When we take His words seriously, it shows that we respect and accept His authority over us.
God is watching out for men and women who take Him seriously through paying attention to His word, to do accordingly. Not the ones who will go round them, try to reason their way out of His express commands and prohibitions.
In the book of Malachi 1:6, the LORD asks a heartrending question,

If l am your Father and master, where is my honor and respect?”.

When we slight and disregard His words, that’s the peak of dishonor and disrespect. If we want to be on God’s priority list, let’s respect His authority, and accept it. He will bless us and hold us dear.


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