God’s Word, a Versatile Weapon

We are acquainted with the word of God as a weapon of warfare; it is the sword of the spirit, that is quick and sharper than any two-edged sword, able to pierce through any physical, material and spiritual barriers or mediums (Heb 4:12).
Long before Paul wrote about this sword of the spirit, the LORD of Hosts had revealed to Jeremiah that His word was powerful in warfare.
First, He likened it to fire. Fire can raze huge structures down to ashes, leaving nothing left. Fire will consume everything in it’s path, within the shortest possible time.

Then, the LORD likened it to a mighty hammer that “shatters” rocks. My focus here is not mainly on the rock but on the power behind that hammer that doesn’t just break off chips of rock gradually, but hits it full force, shattering and causing it to break up into pieces, and scattering all over, with nothing left to indicate a rock had once been there!
All of the above descriptions of the word of God that is at our disposal reveal that though for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ it is for our protection and defence, for those waging war against them, the very same word of God is destructive. It is ready to destroy utterly. There is no hiding place from this sword, because not only does it penetrate every medium, it also searches out every intention and desire. As fire and a mighty hammer, it is explosive and subduing. No weapon formed against us shall perform because we are blessed with more powerful ones. No obstacle or “rocks of opposition or adversity” be it strongholds can stand in our way.

We are so blessed! No wonder we are conquerors through Christ, the living Word. If only we will revere the word of the LORD, and sanctify it, leaning on it to claim victory at all times, we will experience an overcoming life.
We are mighty warriors because of the kind of weapons placed in our hands. Let’s live it.


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