Unanswered Challenge

That is what l call “the God challenge”. I was recently engaged in conversation with someone about evolution. It eventually turned into a quest for how God came to be. My good friend asked some questions that most of us have asked or thought of before. Could there be Someone, somewhere out there, who might have brought God into being? And who brought that other Someone into existence, and so on? Why isn’t this being showing out if s/he exists?

No one stands up publicly to beat their chest, loudly declaring they are champions when there is a greater champion. Talk is cheap, and someone might boastfully make such statements. But if they do, it wouldn’t be long before a more powerful champion would hear of it and challenge that declaration, asking for a fight or feat to prove the real champion, that is, if there’s another.
But from Genesis to Revelation, God has continually and openly been declaring that He alone is God and there’s no other! In fact, He’s been challenging any competitors to come forward, if they are as He is or greater. And for all these numerous, thousands of centuries, no one greater has emerged to meet that challenge, or “put Him in His proper place”!

God is the Uncaused Causer. He is eternal, unchanging, immortal. Omnipresent, He is everywhere, filling up everywhere, He shares no space with any other. He is all powerful, no one has ever contested that and won control over Him! He is in charge; no other being has dethroned Him, He alone reigns over all, using Heaven as His throne, and the earth as one of His footstools.

What a majestic God! His Omniscience makes Him to be the only one well informed on all matters to judge rightly; He wouldn’t dare make such statements if He knew there was someone else who was His superior.
Who has protested to change His position or declarations? He claims supremacy, the first, the beginning; and the last. Who has ever contended against these positions or taken over from Him?
It’s been over two thousand years now since Christ who is very God also affirmed His Father’s declaration, as the Alpha and the Omega. And to that, every knee bows to His name, every where.
Our spoken and unspoken questions about the “origin” of God must be laid to eternal rest in the face of the unquestioned authority of God. We know about the failed usurper, the devil, who was created by God, and still is under God’s control, twice defeated, and who God has in turn placed under the believer’s feet. Moreover, He has enabled those who submit to Him to resist the devil, causing satan to flee from us in terror at the mention of the name of Christ, his Superior (Jam 4:7; 1Pet 5:7). Satan needs God’s permission to operate.
We know about a lesser, surely if there was one greater, He would make himself known.
Yahweh alone is God, the “I AM THAT I AM! There is none beside Him!
Take it from Him.

©PST. Tancy,


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