Everything for godly living

2Pet 1:3

This is one of the most assuring verses in Scripture when it comes to living out the Christ-life. We tend to feel inadequate some times, as though after the sinner’s prayer, we’re on our own to plod along and make it work.
But this particular verse reveals the wonderful package that’s handed over to us when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is given through the divine power of God, Greek dunamis, the miraculous power and strength of God, and received through recognition knowledge of Christ – epignosis; by implication, full discernment and acknowledgement of the Christ.
This further involves a recognition of the nature of the call we have received. It is not on our merit, instead, it is on account of His own marvelous glory and excellence. The Greek word for excellence used here, arêtes also imply moral goodness, virtue, integrity, majesty. We can always count on it because God’s attributes can never change, and therefore He has no intention of recalling this package, even from the backslider. Therefore, Paul wrote that

“God’s gift and calling are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29).

This wonderful package contains everything, all that’s required for living a godly life, propelling and setting us in motion towards the intended destination of eternal life. God has made it available and is giving it out to us, and we must first receive and unwrap it, to make full use of it’s contents.
Let’s unwrap it together as we go through the contents in our next post.

©PST Tancy


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