Make the effort

With God’s provision of everything that we need to live a godly life, He also gives us great and precious promises that enables us to share His divine nature and to escape the worldly corruption that our own human desires impose on us.
Though enabled, we are expected to expend effort to make them our lifestyle.
First, “to your faith add..”. Taken literary, gives the impression of orders or layers of one thing upon another. But the Greek *en te pistei , epichoregesate*, is to develop one virtue in the exercise of another. It suggests an increase in growth, springing out of another, perfecting the other.
Therefore, goodness should spring forth out of our faith. Goodness should not be seen to be moral, but a call to exhibit energy in the exercise of our faith. James captures it well by teaching that one cannot exist without the other. Faith must energize us to do and be good.
The works of faith must be manifested and demonstrated by
goodness. We can therefore conclude that faith without goodness, is dead! (Jam 2:17).
When we have faith that something good will happen to us or to someone else, we must desire to be that agency of goodness (Jam 2:15-16). Otherwise, what is the basis of that faith?
That said, knowledge should evolve from the energy of goodness. Greek, *gnosis* refers to the true wisdom which directs our courage, and prevents us from being rash in the exercise of our virtues, goodness. Being gullible, believing just about everything we see, hear or read and being moved by them to act without proving or testing it first is not maturity or godly wisdom.
There’s no use declaring ” l have faith, goodness, knowledge etc by force by fire” as some are known to do. Peter talks about effort here, not mere confession, and so does James.
Let’s talk effort, and make that effort.

© PST Tancy


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