The antidote for sin

Should anyone ask me if l love Jesus from my heart, immediately, my emotions would be stirred, and l would promptly respond in the affirmative. Yet, Jesus isn’t too interested in my emotional response, He looks for tangible proof. And His test is whether or not l consider His commands as “treasure” and keep them securely, guarding them jealously. For He has said,

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” Jn 14:15.

To “keep” the word or commands is to “internalize” them – to accept and absorb them so that it becomes a part of our nature, who we are, forming our character.

From today’s Scripture, the Psalmist reveals that the only way we can keep our way pure is by paying attention to the word of God, by not wandering from it by living it. His commandments purifies us. Keeping them makes us pure continually. In Jn 17: 17 Jesus prayed to the Father to sanctify His disciples by the Truth, the word. The word of God has power to purify and sanctify us, building us up in our pursuit of holiness, without which no one can see God (Heb 12:14).

Our desire not to sin against God is merely a desire until we “hide” the word in our hearts. Through study and meditation, we “incubate” the word. It becomes internalized, and reinforces the desire to stay away from sin.

God’s word strengthens us to pursue and to live in holiness.
Keeping the word of God is the effective antidote for a life of besetting sin; the sin that so easily entangles us. The word of God verbalizes the desire of Holy Spirit, and energizes our spirits to say no to sin. We cannot live pure, sanctified and holy lives apart from His word.

© PST Tancy


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