Treasure stores in Heaven

Treasure is something that’s valuable. It is something that we cherish, hold dear, place great value on, prize, set great store by, love dearly, adore and worship, devoted to and highly appreciate. It is something we wouldn’t ever want to lose, therefore we want to keep carefully, preserve and protect.
Because of the value we place on objects that we consider as treasure, we have a tendency to store them against a future use, need or for the purpose of showing out.
Jesus is teaching here about the futility of storing treasure that are so easily destructible, and so easily stolen, kept on a temporal place as the earth, which will not last forever. And considering the lifespan of any human, not for much long.
He is instead encouraging the storing up of treasure _in Heaven_ , where there is real security from destruction and theft, given eternity and life everlasting.
The treasures of the earth can never compare favorable with those in Heaven because of the difference in location. Jesus taught about being rich towards God, about rewards stored for us in Heaven.
In His Sermon on the Mount, we get to know some real treasures of heaven. For instance, for those who place a great value on their need for, and total reliance on God; and not the worldly systems and treasures, the kingdom of Heaven will be theirs. What great treasure! The meek will inherit the New Earth. Other valuables include God’s comfort, mercy, seeing God, being satisfied, recognized as children of God – having an intimate relationship with God (Matt 5:2-11).
Jesus also taught further that there are great, unnamed rewards awaiting those who will sacrifice earthly values, treasures, and comfort for those of the Heavenly Kingdom (Matt 5:12).
Faithfulness to Christ unto death will make available to us the crown of life (Rev 2:10). Winning souls for the Kingdom will beautify our crowns.
These treasures require our active involvement. They won’t just happen in Heaven, we have a responsibility to “lay them up and store up for ourselves” (Matt 6:20). We must expend effort to store up for ourselves treasures we hope to enjoy in Heaven! That’s a startling truth. It involves a conscious, deliberate effort to pursue that which has great reward in Heaven. We must intentionally boycott that which is not considered as treasure in Heaven. Worldliness must be something that we should stay clear of. We must therefore love the treasures in Heaven far above any that is on earth. And because of the love of heavenly treasure, our desires will be focused on Heaven, which becomes the object of our desires, where our hearts will be fixed. That’s where our thoughts would turn constantly, our preoccupation will be with the heavenly Kingdom, and the world cannot captivate us with it’s short lived allure.
Doing good to others and the needy is also another way of laying up treasures for ourselves in Heaven. It comes in the form of great rewards when it is done in the right way with the right motive else we risk losing it (Matt 6:1-4).
Jesus Himself went about doing good (Acts 10:38).
A time is coming when we can no longer work or add anything more to our store of treasures in Heaven. Are you prepared to live on what you’ve stored in Heaven so far?
How are you preparing for your retirement to Heaven? Do you have a “heavenly security” benefit? Are you confident of a sustainable, comfortable “pension plan” in heaven, when no man or woman can work any more?


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