Motherhood, a divine assignment

All throughout the history of God’s activities from the beginning of creation, birth of certain individuals marked a divine cycle and involvement with the human race throughout all generations.
From Abel, to Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, right on to Jesus the Christ, we find that God uses procreation to execute His plans and purposes on the earth.

When Eve gave birth to her first son, she named him Cain because she said, ” with the help of God, l have produced a man” (Gen 4:1).
Procreation is a divine assignment.

God works together with certain human vessels born of women on the earth to achieve His purposes.
Motherhood is a blessing, and is a divine assignment. It is not limited to just a biological connection.
Naomi mothered Ruth, and through her divine assignment, Jesus the Messiah’s earthly descent from the Davidic bloodline was established according to prophecy.

Hannah held the answer to God’s succession plan for the Temple at Shiloh.

And she made a vow to the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.
In three years, Hannah brought Samuel her son to God in fulfilment of her vow. Samuel served the LORD at his tender age by assisting Eli the priest.
Eli was far gone in years, with none of his sons a worthy candidate to replace him as High Priest, ( 1Sam 2:1-17), the LORD established Samuel as Eli’s successor. But it all began with Hannah’s dedication and appreciation of the service of God.

Yes, as a barren woman, Hannah wanted a child badly, but not for herself; she wanted a son that will live and grow before the presence of God, and that will serve God his entire life. That was her vision, and acted on it to make it her mission. Hannah took a decision, and made a vow to that effect. She was committed to that vow, and determined her little son should be brought up in the house of God. That was the best environment for nurturing her son to be a dedicated servant of the Most High God. She knew the environment played a key role in godly upbringing. She put God first, worshipping and honoring Him with the “gift” she had received from Him.

What are we raising our sons and daughters to be? Are we taking their upbringing in the LORD seriously and instructing them to do same? Are we acting to bring it to pass? Are we providing them with the right environment suited for the vision we have for them in the LORD?
Dear Mothers, always remember that you have been entrusted with a divine assignment.


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