It’s the Fervency

Elijah was no superman; he was very human; just like you and l.
As a human being, the prophet Elijah was subject to all human passions. We read about his frustrations, fear, despair, discouragement and also his elation and aggressiveness. Though very much human, he was a man of great faith, power and anointing.
We know that he was a righteous man. We also know that he was a man given to prayer, very much connected with heaven and the LORD.
The secret to Elijah’s power and anointing as revealed by James is the quality of his prayers.

The fervent, (earnest, effectual) prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”*_ Jam 5:16.

His secret was not just because he was righteous and or that he prayed, but because he was earnest in prayer. Fervency in prayer brings down results from heaven. It’s not about how much we pray, or how long; it all depends on how earnest, how badly we desire for and want results and answers to happen.
The kind of faith that God hears and answers must express itself through fervency in communication with Him. Prayer is communication with God.
Are we considering the quality of our own prayers against that of Elijah’s? What is the missing ingredient? We may be living in great holiness, witnessing to unbelievers, paying our tithes and offerings, etc doing all the “right” things, but still our prayers appear to go unheard or answered so that we even begin to doubt the efficacy of prayer. It may be that’s a “wait” from God. But it more likely may be that we are lacking in fervency. We can have great faith, but without fervency, our prayers will be ineffectual.
Let us pray, but let’s do it more earnestly.
We can do better than Elijah because we’re in a more glorious dispensation. We have access to the Throne of the Father through the parted curtain, because of Jesus the Christ. Shalom!

©PST Tancy
*Good morning*


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