Judgment on the Church

Many of us feel very smug with the idea that once we have accepted Christ as our Savior, we are guaranteed to have our names recorded and preserved in the book of Life for ever. And that is to say or believe that our written names are indelible.
But Jesus doesn’t seem to say so or agree with that position.
In this particular chapter and the next, another side of the “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” is shown. He presents and announces Himself as “the One who has the sevenfold Spirit of God and the Seven stars. ( Rev 3:1) He further shows His authority to judge by beginning with, ” l know. . . ” He calls the church at Sardis a dead and weak one. His reasons ?
* Their reputation was a lie, fake.
* They were in sleeping mode
* Their actions did not meet the requirements of His God.
*They needed to repent.

They were to go back to what they had heard and believed from the beginning, and hold firmly to them this time around. That though they are already saved (or so they thought) they needed to repent and turn to Him again.
If they failed to wake up to their senses they Will be unpleasantly surprised.

However, He gave recognition to some who had been faithful and had not soiled themselves with the evils of the others. Yet they belonged to the same church!

They had been consistent and not allowed themselves to drift from what they had heard and believed from the beginning. Constant in their faith. Such believers or members will enjoy special privileges:

¶ They will walk fearlessly with Jesus in white, because they are worthy and have been victorious.
¶ Their names will never be erased from the book of Life. (Implying that it is practice to erase names from the book of Life!
¶ Their presence in heaven will be announced by Jesus before the Father and His angels that they are His, and that they are special; belonging only to Him.

¶ They will be given a further recognition by the angels and He who sits on the throne.

How about us? Do we have a reputation for being spiritual and faithful? Have we been consistent in living out our Christian faith? Do we still hold onto the tenets of our faith? How about loving others, forgiving any who wrong us, and preserving the spirit of unity, speaking truth to our neighbours, not working mischief against one another, not taking undue advantage of another, not carving out factions, animosity, unkindness etc?

How will we score against the fruit of the flesh and the spirit in Gal 5:19-22? Remember, Jesus knows. Is your name in the Book of Life?
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


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