Remain in My love

This verse has two sides: Jesus is here telling about the Father’s love for His Son, and then Jesus’ love for His disciples. He emphasizes on the similarity of the love He receives from His Father with the kind of love He has for His own disciples at that time and in the present time also. Greek kathos, “just as”. In a similar way, manner, or fashion. Jesus had experienced the deep, tender, devoted, and unchanging love of the Father. This kind of love has elicited a response from Him, prompting Him to self- denial, toils, absolute obedience, and sacrifice.
In the same way, Jesus is expressing His love for His disciple, wooing her, proposing like a man to a woman, desiring for a permanent relationship with her, assuring her of His deep, tender, and unchanging love towards her, exemplified by the toils, the sacrifices, the shedding of His blood for her. He is wooing His Bride, the Church.

Now He allows her the courtesy to take a decision. “Remain in My love”. Remain, Greek “meinate”, stay, abide, remain. In My love, goodwill.
Having expressed His love and desire for a relationship, He waits for an answer, a commitment. He is waiting for a ” “yes or no”. Jesus further makes His expectations known.

When you obey My commandments, you remain in My love, just as l obey My Father’s commandments and remain in His love

Jesus has been there before. He had fulfilled His Father’s expectations because Jesus loved Him, and wanted to remain in their relationship.
As far as Jesus is concerned, a “yes” for Him is confirmed by obeying His commandments. That’s the only proof we are required to give that we want to remain in His love, remain in our relationship with Him.
Are we going to commit to this relationship by living in complete obedience to His commandments? Or not?
He gives us the choice to remain or not to remain. Coming to Him and accepting His offer of salvation is one thing, remaining and continuing in the love relationship is another thing. It’s a choice, a decision we have to take.

If you love Me, obey My commandments_ Jn 14:15


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