Living with Expectation

Hi, my dear friends.

People create an unconscious expectation about themselves, situations, and people.
An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case; something that’s sure to come to pass.
Many of us have no idea that our created expectations are behind our decisions and emotional responses. Though these are often unknown to us, they nevertheless are very much what drives us.

As believers in the Lord Jesus, we also have expectations. Apostle Peter describes the believer’s expectation as a great one (1Pet 1:3). Not only do we have that Great Expectation, we also live in expectancy. We are supposed to let it show out.

Our Great Expectation has a strong basis: The death and resurrection of Christ. We have obtained an inheritance that is priceless, imperishable, not subject to decay and that is being kept in heaven for us. Our inheritance is not something that is earthly and would be transported from here to heaven. On the contrary, our inheritance is a heavenly one, already prepared and waiting for us if we are faithful to the end, and if we overcome. We must pursue holiness in order to see God, meet Him, and receive our due inheritance.

Our expectation therefore is that we will enter Heaven one day soon and claim it.
We must treasure this, and live in expectancy of it.

Dear friends, let’s do a little introspection on this. Do we long for it? Does it drive all else that we do? What thoughts occupy our minds all day long?
Is this heavenly expectation behind our emotions and decisions?

It’s been said by some that they will not wait to make heaven to claim their inheritance in Christ. This passage makes it clear that it’s being kept in heaven for us.

Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart’s desires

Ps 37:4 NLT

Our expectations are closely connected with, and often reveal, our desires, which ultimately become the desires of our heart. Delighting ourselves in the LORD is rooted in our expectations about Him. When our expectations put God in the centre of our lives and He is our source of joy and the reason for rejoicing, these desires are sure to be granted.

So dear friends, what we living for? Are our desires and expectations rooted in God?

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be

(Matt 6:21) NLT



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