Feeding from the Master’s crumbs

Jesus turns aside to rest awhile in the region of Tyre and Sidon. However, this was just the needed opportunity for a Syro-Phoenician woman living there. Syro Phoenicia is present day Syria, and they were initially called “Canaanites”.

It is recorded that Jesus did not answer immediately.
Then when the woman got on the nerves of His disciples, they asked that the woman be sent away. At that point, Jesus answered the woman by saying it wasn’t right to give food meant for the ” children” to dogs.
This woman was not discouraged by that response. She didn’t turn away in sorrow, or in anger. Instead, she drew close to Jesus, knelt at His feet and worshiped Him, pleading with Him.
Her answer? “That’s true, Lord, but even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps that fall beneath their master’s table”.

In other words, _”Yes, l know but the master has no use for the choice crumbs that fall from his table though he is served with the richest and best meal. That’s the portion for the household dogs. I want those crumbs that will otherwise go wasted! I consider You as my Master; l am Your dog, allow me to eat the crumbs that are falling under Your table”!_

This woman is amazing! She demonstrated her utter dependence as a household dog on the Master. She doesn’t want the food meant for the children, but that which falls straight from the Master’s table! She wasn’t coveting what was rightly the preserve of the “children”.

She wasn’t going to compare herself to or compete with the children in her request for healing, she wanted what Jesus deemed as leftovers from His power and goodness.

What motivates our desires, our requests and supplications? By our own needs, or because of what someone else got blessed with? That is covetousness. Are we ready to receive from the Master’s table? That’s the right faith channel.

©Ps Tancy,


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