Self Control

Bearing the fruit of the Spirit is the most desired status of every serious minded Christian, especially, love and self control, which promotes the fruiting of the other parts.
The singular part of fruit of self-control is probably one of the hardest to master. How often have we been defeated by a bad habit, a wrong attitude, or a wrong mindset? We determine within ourselves to make the effort to improve. We ask someone to hold us accountable. But deep down inside of us, we know that we lack the will or the ability to change. We can talk, we can plan, we can read books, but we still find it difficult to overcome and control many of the wrong , impulsive things that are inside us!

God knows our every weakness, and He knows what we need to overcome them. Here’s the prescription: The Bible says, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Gal. 5:22–23).

This fruit is not only what we should be out to find or see in ourselves and other believers. Most importantly, it should be the yardstick to measure how we relate with and treat others too. For instance, the fruit of the flesh is anger but are we the ones who occasion it in others by provoking them ?

The only way to gain self-control is by allowing the Holy Spirit to control us.
Take note that love for instance is first poured in our hearts by Holy Spirit (Rom 5:5), and therefore every born again believer should manifest this part of the fruit without question. Likewise, self control is given to us together with boldness and a sound mind ( 2Tim1:7).

As these fundamental parts of the fruit of the spirit is “given” by Holy Spirit, their absence may indicate that we are not accepting or receiving from Him.
Our key focus is not effort but surrender – to live moment by moment submissively trusting in the Lord rather than in self. Paul says this is what it means to “walk by the Spirit” (v. 16).
We are to undergo transformation as new creations, the fruit of the Spirit is the measure of this. You can change, for God is in you. As you surrender control to Him, He will help you bear the fruit of His likeness.

God is not nearly as concerned with our ability as He is with our surrender
Today’s Text exhorts us to “walk by the Spirit” (v. 16). We are to walk by means of the Holy Spirit. We are to be consciously dependent upon Him in attitude and choices. Yet there are two opposing forces of influence that pull us in different directions. The term “flesh”, Greek sarkos, is used to describe the old sinful way of life that seeks to live independently from God and exhibits behavior displeasing to Him. Walking by the “Spirit” refers to those behaviors that flow from the indwelling Christ and produce fruit exemplifying His character. When we walk by means of the Spirit, we will naturally exhibit His fruit and that of the flesh will not thrive. May we bear this glorious fruit as an extension of our praise and worship of a gloriously holy God.

The grace of our Lord Jesus be with us.

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