Daily Prompt: Parallel

via Daily Prompt: Parallel


I am thinking of lines

Parallel lines:

Far apart, never meant to meet,

Or their paths to cross.

Like the two eyebrows

Equidistant, one staying clear of another.

Equally distant.

Equally shrinking from each other.

No compromises

No dialogue, or familiarity.

I think of anger, and tolerance

Of sadness, and joy

Peace, and turmoil

Love, and enmity

Truth , lies

Forgiveness, and bitterness.

All these opposites

Are equidistant.

No boundaries to be crossed.

Now l am thinking of

Words like bitter sweet

Pretty ugly

Fairly good


And l conclude that parallel things

Need one another to make sense.

I believe that

Parallel can be complementary

Combine well

Like a pair of eyes

Who never see each other

Are parallel

But combine well

To work well

Looking attractive together.

P a r a l l e l

All rights reserved. Tancy

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