Get the equation right!

Long before God created the first man, He took care of all he will ever need. Light, water, food, shelter, protection, a vocation, and later on, a companion; dominion and a position.

As it turned out, all of God’s work of creation was done with Adam, its king, in mind. And so it is that everything was made subject to him, having been handed to him to rule over them ( Gen 1:26).

God had all of Adam’s needs covered before he was “made”. All that was left for him to do was to obey God, to cultivate the land, and to multiply.

But then Adam lost everything because of disobedience. Everything – fellowship with God, a sheltered dwelling place, his daily supply of food and other needs. Sadly, he also lost his position as king of the created order (Gen 3:23).

Now Jesus Christ, the second Adam, through His obedience to God as a Son has restored the first Adam’s losses, making the provision of God once again available to us. Ours for the asking.

Even though Jesus was God’s Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered.

Hebrews 5:8

Our relationship with God, and our fellowship with Him has been restored through faith in Christ. Our obedience to God makes us truly His children, and Jesus taught us to use that relationship to connect with God’s provision for our daily sustenance (Matt 6:9). Note that God doesn’t need to go searching frantically for what we need only after we pray or ask for them. No. He already has super abundant stores of whatever you and l will ever need, and has set aside each day’s supply for each one of His children (Matt 6:28), just as in the days of obedience of the First Adam in the garden.

It’s not like you or l can surprise Him or catch Him off guard by anything we could possibly ask for. He’s always prepared to provide our daily needs. Moreover, Jesus taught us to ask for the delivery to be made. So there really is no need to store up for ourselves possessions and wealth with the hope that we will derive our sustenance on our own thereby (Matt 6:19). That’s a mirage. Instead, it’s our obedience that serves as the channel of supply.

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land; but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword.”

For the mouth of the LORD has spoken

Isaiah 1:19-20

Adam didn’t have to fend for himself before his disobedience and rebellion. There was no need for that at the time. He never had to worry about what to eat, drink, wear, or live. He had everything in abundance, and he never had a need -all things were his. All, that is, except for the one tree he was forbidden to eat from. That was the test for his willingness to be obedient to God. But he failed the test! He chose to disobey and to rebel. Therefore, he needed to depend on his sweat to do so afterwards. He had to be preoccupied with thoughts of how to get his daily provision by working for it, as indeed “pagans” or unbelievers as well are known to do. Now we see Jesus teaching us not to live by that example ; “these things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers” because they are not yet obedient to God. But for the believers, “your heavenly Father already knows your needs” (Matt 6:32).

Jesus places emphasis on obedience as the way to live a worry – free life. Obedience to seeking first the Kingdom of God. Then His righteousness. To seek is to search earnestly. Not just a cursory or halfhearted activity. Not merely looking for it which is passive. Searching is deliberate and active, involving effort and passion. We are to search earnestly for God, and the ways and means to advance and promote God’s Kingdom. We are to do the same for His righteousness, which is seeking to be like Christ. We must have a hunger and a thirst for the righteousness of God, desiring to be more and more like Him. We are to promote the kingdom of God through being a living example of it to unbelievers.

The balanced equation of needs and provision then becomes

Kingdom mindedness + “all these things” = Divine provision

“These things” represent needs and sustenance. Note the sequence. “Seek first; and . . . shall be added”. That’s what l call the addition principle. It can’t be any other way. God will “add these things” when we first hunger and thirst for His kind of righteousness. That’s the formular. In God’s arithmetic, just like any other, the addends must be in place to give the correct sum for the equation. God already has the sum and the required addend. All is set to add up if you show up with the requisite addend to make the equation true.

Well? Checked the equation lately? Wrong result? Have you been putting forward the right addend? No? Perhaps it’s time to do your correction. Make it right. Now is the time. It is the only way of staying connected in true fellowship and right relationship with our Father.

6 thoughts on “Get the equation right!

  1. Beautiful, powerful n on point. Obedience to God is key in our christian life. I love the equation – Kingdommindedness + all these things = Divine provision. Hallelujah!

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