His Worthship, how can l tell it

To You O my Eternal King,

I bring You Worship, Your Majesty

Worship, an attempt to grasp what You are worth, my King ,

If worship is all about Your Worthship,

Then l am here to worship

But, how can l begin to do it

A feeble attempt to say Who you really are,

Searching for words to attempt to describe

Your greatness and awesomeness,

No adjectives, or phrases or words

Adequate enough,

come to mind

Or can be found Anywhere,

In all time and for all time

Even in all Eternity;

That can feebly attempt

To give the faintest hint

Or promise to suggest

Or offer the faintest glimpse

Into Your Worthship;

Or at the least, to find

Someone, some quality, some virtues

Some acts, some manifestation

Rocking through, and upturning

My every imagination, thought, idea

Concepts, understanding, intellect

Yet l find, nothing!

Nothing exists in the schema of my memory

To be drawn out

Or indeed, not in the schema of any

That has been before my time

Or will ever come after me;

They just don’t exist!

So l turn to consider

Some of Your acts

Some manifestations

Of Your power

I hear the words of the Psalmist

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God, the skies display His craftsmanship

Day after day they continue to speak;

Night after night they make Him known.

They speak without a sound or word

Their voice is never heard

Yet their message has gone

throughout the earth

And their words to all the world”


Then l understood.

I can’t find the words, to make

Vocal speeches,

No imaginations, thoughts or concepts

In worship,

l am to speak without a sound or word,

It’s not about just my voice being heard

Or a flamboyant eloquence.

Now l get it

It’s about the message l am sending

First to my King

Then about my King

It’s about the content of my whole being

My essence, that l must bring to Him.

His Majesty’s Worthship cannot be adequately represented by His works

For He is exceedingly Greater

And much bigger than the works

Of His hands

He has said

“Heaven is (just) My throne.”

I caught the revelation.

He is bigger than His seat!

The heavens cannot adequately

Proclaim His Worthship.

Then l understood better.

He is indescribable


He cannot be fully comprehended

Then l will tell of His Worthship with all that is within me.

Just like the heavens, the Sun, stars and all .

For l am also the product of His love.

I worship You O Majesty

Prostrate before You

With all that l am

With my All

With all that l will ever be

It’s about touching Your heart with mine:

Spirit, soul, body.

I know it’s just a feeble attempt

But l am glad You desire for it

All the same.

It’s about touching my heart

With Yours, about me

Responding to the warmth

Of Your loving touch

Bringing me into Your arms

In an indescribable embrace

I long for Your touch

With my spirit, soul, body.

It’s l, LORD

Checking in

To enjoy Your Presence.

Your bondservant,


All rights reserved.

Published 06/2018

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