Loaded with His Benefits

GOD is good! All the time! And all the time, God is good. The Lord opened His good treasure and He is still pouring blessings into our lives. Today is made, it’s not an accident or by mistake. Therefore we are alive for a purpose. King David, one of the ‘praise giants’ couldn’t keep quiet on the goodness of God. He admonished us to bless the Lord, and not to forget *all HIS benefits*. Beloved, there is no doubt about this. Many good things have been coming our way from the hands of a benevolent Father, and they are still coming to you and me. Do we recognize all these kind deeds as God’s benefits or from our own efforts?

From the little things we can’t remember to the greatest miracles we’ve experienced in life, where do they come from? The Bible says … *the Lord… daily loads us with benefits* ( Psalm 68:19 ). Knowing and understanding that all the good things we enjoy in this life are GOD’S BENEFITS will make us more humble and even add more to our lives . This knowledge should change the way we approach God in thanksgiving and praise. It’s comely to show God our attitude of gratitude.

Reflect on these benefits as God continually supplies them. He forgives all our sins, heals all our diseases and restores our health and strength. He also redeems our lives from the pit, He continuously surrounds us with gracious love and compassion. Again, He keeps satisfying us with good things and He keeps renewing our youth like the eagle’s. The LORD does what is right, and continuously executes justice for all.

There is always something to thank the Lord for, and we should develop a thankful attitude from deep within our hearts.

When we take the time to reflect on His benefits, we will testify that the Lord is good. It’s time to bless, praise and thank Him with your heart, soul and all that’s within us. Why don’t you start by giving Him all the glory, praise and worship now for all His benefits in your life, family, friends and loved ones. Praise Him now and forever more. Forget not any of God’s benefits, and never take them for granted. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Heavenly Father, I praise You for all Your benefits in my life. You are my all in all. Without You I am nothing. My heart, soul and all that’s within me praise Your Holy Name today in Jesus Name. Thank You. I love You Father, and l am grateful for all Your benefits.

Have A Glorious Day!


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