Unchangeable God

It is amazing how we sometimes imagine God to be forgetful. Using our own human limitations as a yardstick, we reason that if God’s promises seem to linger in being fulfilled in our lives, He probably must have forgotten, gotten busy or become unconcerned about our state. But God will not say anything He cannot or will not do (Rom 3:4). He promised David a sure kingdom and the establishment of his throne forever. It was an unconditional covenant which God fulfilled in spite of disobedience by the descendants of David. Not even a rebellious people would negate God’s covenant to David (Rom 3:3).

The message of God’s covenant with David extends beyond the implications of the Old Testament. God promises a glorified Christ and His Millennial Kingdom to all who will come into a covenant relationship with Him. Covenant blessings always exemplify God’s abundant mercies and flow to us through Christ’s death and resurrection. Just as David was guaranteed the blessings and benefits of the initial covenant, we experience a covenant of grace that is made with us through the promised Messiah, “…the mediator of a new covenant” (1Tim 2:5; Heb 12:24), that those who are called may “receive the promise of eternal inheritance”.

God does not make rash utterances. He is everything man is not, when it comes to constancy and dependability. Man often proves his natural limitation whenever he breaks a covenant with another person. It is a reflection of his innate changeability. But God is very faithful (Rom 3:3).

The faithfulness of God provides a sure anchor that remains steadfast amidst the uncertainties and vicissitudes of life for the true believer. As a child of God, look away from your natural human limitations, the instability of your environment and the inconsistency of fellow humans, and abandon all your worries and cares in the mighty hands of our dependable God. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


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